April 2023: inauguration of the season of events for the public at OARPAF, with participation of the Rector of the University of Genova

February 2023: observations of the so-called Neanderthal comet at OARPAF

16/12/2022: italian space day

5-8/9/2022: summer school for PhD students http://www.orsa.unige.net/index.php/en/teaching/phd-school-2022

16/12/2021: italian space day

11/07/2021: presentation at Festival of Space 2021

30/04/2021: ORSA general meeting

26/03/2021: ORSA general meeting

19/02/2021: ORSA general meeting

18/01/2021: ORSA general meeting

11/12/2020: first meeting with Provencal Baronnies Observatory for possible collaborations

27/04/2020: first meeting of the informal (online) chats about astrophysics with the students of physics

10/03/2020: first meeting of the new (online) reading club with students

13/09/2019: ORSA general meeting

16-20/07/19: event to celebrate 50 years from the first time men put feet on the moon and 100 years of the international union of astronomy

11/07/2019: presentation by Davide Ricci and Chiara Righi at the Living Lab Progetto Smart Destination, Valbrevenna (GE).

12/06/19: seminar by Fabrizio Tavecchio (INAF-Brera). “The Cherenkov Telescope Array: probing the extreme edge of the electromagnetic spectrum”

24/05/2019: ORSA general meeting

April 2019: formation of the scientific organizing committee of the international conference Probing the Universe with Multimessanger Astronomy to be held in september 2020

February 2019: formation of the organizing committee of an event to celebrate the 50 years from the landing on the moon and the 100 years of the International Union of Astronomy, event to be held from July 16th to July 20th 2019

December 2018: formation of the local organizing committee of the international conference Probing the Universe with Multimessanger Astronomy to be held in september 2020

15/10/2018: seminar by Simona Paiano (INAF-Padova) “ An optical view of extragalactic gamma-ray emitters: identification, classification and redshift.

2/10/2018: status report of the observations at OARPAF by Silvano Tosi and Nino Bracco at the SMART DESTINATION – 2° Meeting di progetto Comitato di Pilotaggio – Comitato Tecnico Esecutivo (CTE)

21/9/2018: seminar by Samantha Beatriz Brown Sevilla (Università di Padova) “Hunting for planets with double sunsets: the case of HW Vir

12/7/2018: seminar by Marco Lombardi (Università di Milano) “Probing galaxy clusters with strong gravitational lensing”

2/7/2018: seminar by Carmen Ayala (Observatório Nacional MCTIC, Rio de Janeiro) “Photometric Studies of Small Bodies of the Solar System: Absolute Colors and Relative Phase Coefficients of transNeptunian Objects (TNOs) and centaurs”

29/6/2018: seminar by Filippo Maria Zerbi (INAF) “Intellectual challenges of modern astrophysics”

1/6/2018: general meeting with the Director of Ente Parco Antola, dr. Federico Marenco

24/5/2018: reading club on topics of cosmology

7/5/2018: General meeting

19/4/2018: reading club on topics of cosmology

9/4/2018 General meeting

12/2/2018: General meeting

19-25/01/2018 Luca Panizzi, seminars and round tables on topics of particle physics and cosmology

18/12/2017 Mini workshop at DIFI

19-23/06/2017 lectures “Introduction to cosmology” by Toni Riotto (Université de Genève)

03/02/2017 Marco Landoni (INAF) “From the astronomical problem to instrumentation, halfway between science and technology”

03/02/2017 Alessio Zanutta (INAF) “Photopolymers in astronomy: practical aspects and sky results

03/02/2017 Andrea Bianco (INAF) “Developments of new materials for holography: from molecules to materials

30/6/2016 Davide Ricci (IAC) “Exoplanetary transits observations

28/6/2016 Davide Ricci (IAC) “Web technologies for astronomy

17/5/2016 Fabrizio Tavecchio (INAF) “Extragalactic sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos

13/10/2015 Andrea La Camera (DIBRIS/ORSA) “Stars, exoplanets and quasars above the sky of Liguria“, as a part of a series for the UNESCO International Year of Light.

18/12/2014 Marco Landoni (INAF) “Neutrino flux from active galactic nuclei relativistic jets: an optical view”