We perform photometric measurements of exoplanet transits using the 80-cm telescope of the Antola Observatory. So far, we observed the transits of several planets, among others Wasp-58-b, Tres-3-b, Hat-p-3-b, Hat-p-12-b. In a few cases, the observation was performed simultaneously, or as a follow up in different time zones, by the Antola Observatory and by other telescopes. Preliminary results have been presented at a conference in 2016 and reported in the master degree thesis of Lorenzo Cabona. The measurements on Tres-3-b, Hat-p-3-b have been published on Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, see here. As an example, we show the preliminary light curve of Wasp-58 showing a drop when the planet transits in front of the host star: the two curves represent data taken during two different nights. The y axis represents the differential magnitude with respect to a reference star, while the x axis is the time.